San Luis Obispo Newborn Photography: Grayson

By Mary Thomas

This little man is special: ten and a half pounds and a home birth! Big congratulations to the new family of four, so happy for you that this gorgeous guy has arrived happy and healthy.

two happy lambs photography gt newborn 2014

2014_06_20_Tardiff-4 thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-10 thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-11_bw thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-21_bw thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-24_bw thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-25 thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-34_bw thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-35 thl blog

2014_06_20_Tardiff-55_bw thl blog

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